Our company has been in business since 1989, well before preparedness was even a common practice. But www.EmPrep.com and www.EPS-Direct.com were there to help people though the dreaded y2k craze, the 2012 end of the world predictions, but most importantly, in the days after 9-11 when our nation took pause and reflected on our futures. We were there to guide people though the stress of the times and help them make informed decisions about their own personal vulnerabilities.
At the time, “sheltering in place” became a great starting point for preparedness. Branching out to having a plan and being prepared everywhere you would spend time. Auto, work, school and commuter preparedness became the cornerstone of ultimate preparedness.
We were there in the beginning and we are here still, helping people prepare, helping reduce the stress of the unknown and here to make it work for you. We have budget friendly choices for individuals and businesses.
We have provide tens of thousands of kits and supplies over the years, to government agencies, small businesses, fortune 500 companies, public figures and most importantly, individuals who want to be prepared.
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